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This directory lists businesses in the areas of Gympie and surrounds, including Goomboorian, Tin Can Bay, Rainbow Beach, Curra, Kilkivan, Goomeri, Dagun, Kandanga and Imbil.

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Gympie is a city of approximately 16,000 people, located on the Mary River, about 170 kilometres north of Brisbane. It is a quiet and pleasant community, endowed with a range of amenities and services, much as would be found in many other Queensland cities.

Gold was discovered near the present site of the Gympie Town Hall in September 1867 and produced 4,084,720 ounces of gold, recorded by the Gold Escorts, in the 60 years between 1876 and 1926.

The fertility of the Mary Valley made for some very productive farm land, thus creating the establishment of Gympie's primary industry. This allowed Gympie, unlike other gold rush towns, to prosper and grow through the diversification of rich, rural productions.

While gold mining and agriculture still dominate the economy, timber and tourism enhance the region's diversity. The major industries, combined with the commercial centre, provide a compliment that has allowed the area to flourish and expand.

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Things To Do –
  • Visit the Gold Mining Museum
  • Marvel at the Woodworks Museum
  • Pick up a bargain at Local Markets
  • Feed the dolphins at Tin Can Bay
  • Have a swim at Rainbow Beach
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